Pseudoexfoliation Deposit on Intraocular Lens

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    • By Anmol Naik
      Sankara Nethralaya
      Co-author(s): Dr. Shveta Gadewar, MS, Nakshatra Superspeciality Eye Hospital, Pune, India.
    • Uploaded on Jun 12, 2021.
    • Last modified by Caroline Bozell on Jun 15, 2021.
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    pseudoexfoliation syndrome
    Dr. Anmol Naik, MS, Nakshatra Superspeciality Eye Hospital, Pune, India.
    Imaging device
    Photo slit lamp biomicroscope
    Appasamy Slit Lamp Imaging system - 11 3S L, Appasamy Associates, Chennai, India.
    A 64-year-old Indian farmer presented with complaint of diminution of vision. Observed here is the deposition of pseudoexfoliation material on the intraocular lens implant in a typical florette pattern. Glaucoma is one of the known and vision threatening complications in such patients.

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