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  • submacular perfluorocarbon liquid

    Sep 7 2022 by JEFFERSON R SOUSA, Tecg.º (Biomedical Systems Technology)

    A 63-year-old male patient underwent vitreoretinal surgery with the use of perfluorocarbon. From a technological point of view, extended-field retinography presents many points of focus variation due to the difficulty of establishing a diffuse focus, as it is a recent post-operative case. In OCT Fundus Enface, although it has a low resolution, it is extremely important for documenting the presence of perfluor. Best seen in structural OCT.

    Photographer: JEFFERSON ROCHA DE SOUSA - Retinal Department at Instituto Dr. Suel Abujamra Sao Paulo-Brazil

    Imaging device: Optical Coherence Tomography system OCT CIRRUS 5000, Protocol, HD 5 Line

    Condition/keywords: perfluorocarbon fluid, post-vitrectomy, submacular perfluorocarbon liquid (PFO), vitrectomy

  • Combined central retinal vein occlusion and branch retinal arteriolar occlusion

    Sep 13 2022 by Ruchir Mehta, DO, DNB, FRCS

    Fundus photograph of left eye of a 63 years old female with known type 2 DM and HTN showing combined central retinal venous occlusion and superior branch retinal arteriolar occlusion

    Photographer: Ruchir Mehta, Mehta Superspeciality Eye Hospital, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

    Imaging device: Zeiss Visucam 500

    Condition/keywords: branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO), central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), COMBINED

  • Rod cone dystrophy autofluorescence

    Sep 19 2022 by Kenneth Fong

    34 year old male with colour blindness and loss of visual field

    Condition/keywords: retinal dystrophy

  • Displaced & folded macula

    Oct 10 2022 by Ricardo Leitão Guerra

    Tractional retinal detachment due to sickle cell retinopathy leading to a displaced and folded appearance of the macula in this 36-yo male. Subretinal bands are also noticed crossing the macula towards inferior retinal detachment area.

    Photographer: Ricardo Leitão Guerra

    Imaging device: Clarus 700 - Zeiss

    Condition/keywords: folds, sickle cell retinopathy, subretinal bands, tractional retinal detachment

  • Leukemic optic neuropathy

    Oct 28 2022 by pedro fernandes souza neto

    Fundus photograph of an 18-year-old woman with Leukemic optic neuropathy.

    Photographer: Pedro Fernandes, Universidade Federal da Bahia

    Condition/keywords: Leukemic optic neuropathy

  • Sickle Cell Retinopathy

    Nov 5 2022 by Mateus Queiroz Corrêa, MD

    19 -year-old young man with combined rhegmatogenous and tractional retinal detachment secondary to a proliferative sickle retinopathy ( stage V)

    Photographer: Mateus Corrêa, Sorocaba Eye Bank Hospital

    Imaging device: Optos California

    Condition/keywords: Retinal detachment, sickle cell retinopathy

  • Giant Retinal Tear

    Apr 21 2022 by Vaidehi Sathaye

    Fundus photograph of a 16 year old male with a Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment secondary to a Giant Retinal Tear in the right eye.

    Photographer: Dr. Vaidehi Sathaye, Retina Foundation

    Condition/keywords: giant retinal tear

  • Angioid Streak CNV OS

    Aug 25 2022 by Maxwell J Wingelaar, MD

    A 48-year old male presenting with a CNVM and angioid streaks

    Photographer: Jarrod Wehmeier

    Condition/keywords: Angiod streaks

  • Oculocutaneous Albinism

    Aug 20 2022 by Krushna Gopal Panda

    Fundus photograph of an 42-year-old man with oculocutaneous albinism

    Photographer: Krushna Gopal Panda

    Imaging device: Optos- California

    Condition/keywords: oculocutaneous albinism

  • CERKL-related Cone Rod Dystrophy

    Jun 27 2022 by Hanna Choi

    37-year-old female with cone-rod dystrophy. Developed photophobia and progressive blurry vision in the third decade. VA 20/40 OD, 20/30 OS. The patient is compound heterozygous for pathogenic mutations in the CERKL gene (Arg465Trp and Arg283*).

    Photographer: Kaitlynn Silva, New England Retina Consultants

    Imaging device: Ultrawide-field Optos Fundus Photography, Autofluorescence, Fluorescein Angiography

    Condition/keywords: cone dystrophy, inherited retinal disease, maculopathy

  • Subretinal BSS and air

    Apr 12 2022 by Nassim Alejandro Abreu Arbaje, MD

    67 year old female who presented with complaints of 5 days of decreased vision of her left eye. She underwent PPV + BSS and Air injection in the subretinal space

    Photographer: Nassim Abreu, Dr. Elias Santana Hospital

    Imaging device: Ngenuity 3D system screenshot

    Condition/keywords: subretinal hemorrhage


    Jun 11 2022 by Nivesh Gupta

    Central fundus image showing tortuous vessels.


    Imaging device: NIDEK MIRANTE

    Condition/keywords: ischemic CRVO

  • Commotio retinae

    Apr 29 2022 by Otakar Dušek, M.D. Ph.D.

    Color fundus photograph of a 24-year-old woman who was hit by a volleyball in her right eye. This caused whitening of the lower peripheral retina (Berlin's edema) i.e. commotio retinae.

    Photographer: Otakar Dušek, Charles University, Prague

    Imaging device: Zeiss Clarus

    Condition/keywords: Berlin's edema, blunt trauma, commotio retinae

  • Submacular Hemorrhage PCV

    May 6 2022 by Shobhit Chawla, M.S.

    Submacular hemorrhage in a 38 years old female patient cause polyp bleed in PCV.

    Photographer: Shobhit Chawla

    Imaging device: Zeiss Clarus 500

    Condition/keywords: polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy (PCV), submacular hemorrhage

  • Giant retinal Tear

    Apr 26 2022 by Jeffrey Barker

    Giant retinal Tear

    Photographer: Jeffrey P. Barker B.S.

    Condition/keywords: retinal tear

  • Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

    Jul 15 2022 by Gabriel Costa Andrade, PhD

    Fundus angiography of an 22-year-old man with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and macular ischemia.

    Photographer: Dr Gabriel Andrade

    Condition/keywords: Diabetes

  • Spontaneously Dropped Lens in a Congenital Rubella Syndrome

    Apr 30 2022 by NEIFFER RABELO

    Intraoperative photograph of a 68-year-old patient with congenital rubella syndrome and light perception visual acuity since childhood. The image shows a pigmentary retinopathy and the lens spontaneously displaced into the vitreous cavity. The patient sought care complaining of a total and sporadic loss of vision that was hindering her in daily tasks. Surgery was indicated to remove the lens.

    Photographer: Rodrigo Dos Anjos Versiani - Retina Institute - Belo Horizonte - Brazil

    Imaging device: ZEISS OPMI LUMERA 700

    Condition/keywords: dropped nucleus, retina surgery, rubella retinopathy

  • Angioid Streaks

    Jun 14 2022 by Kingston Rodolfo Ureña-Wong, MD, Opht, MSc

    Fundus photograph of an 26-year-old woman with pseudoxanthoma elasticum and angioid streaks. She developed a choroidal neovascular membrane which was treated with anti-VEGF successfully.

    Photographer: Kingston Rodolfo Ureña-Wong, Asociación para evitar la ceguera en México, México.

    Imaging device: Zeiss Clarus

    Condition/keywords: Angioid Streaks

  • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion by OCT Angiography

    Jun 13 2022 by JORGE SOBERANES

    A 63 year old man with a central retinal vein oclussion. In the OCT angiogram we could observe retinal isquemia, neovascularization and arteriovenous shunts.

    Photographer: Jorge I. Soberanes MD

    Imaging device: PLEX Elite 9000, Zeiss

    Condition/keywords: Central vein oclussion, neovascularization, OCT angiography, retina, Shunts

  • Mizuo Nakamura phenomenon

    Apr 16 2022 by Hemanth Murthy, MBBS, MD, FASRS

    Oguchi's disease showing the Mizo Nakamura phenomenon in wide field Fundus photo

    Photographer: Mr Veda Vyas

    Imaging device: Optos Daytona

    Condition/keywords: congenital stationary night blindness (CSNB)

  • Idiopathic retinal vasculitis, aneurysms and neuroretinitis

    Apr 24 2022 by Aniruddha K Agarwal, MD

    Ultra-wide field fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) of the left eye from an asymptomatic, healthy 33-year-old woman who was referred to the retina clinic from a refractive surgery unit due to the presence of vascular anomalies and hard exudates in both eyes. FFA revealed the characteristic sacular aneurysms at the bifurcation of retinal arterioles in the posterior pole, together with microvascular anomalies and capillary closure peripherally.

    Photographer: Julio J GONZALEZ-LOPEZ, MD, PhD, FEBO and Teresa GONZALEZ-LOMAS, RN

    Imaging device: Optos California

    Condition/keywords: IRVAN Syndrome, IUSG, neuroretinitis, retinal vasculitis, uveitis

  • Subretinal Bleed

    Jul 12 2022 by Akansha Sharma

    73 year old diabetic and hypertensive female presented with sub-retinal hemorrhage for which she was operated with pars-plana vitrectomy with intra-vitreal anti-VEGF

    Photographer: Dr. Akansha Sharma-Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad

    Condition/keywords: subretinal hemorrhage, subretinal blood

  • Secondary intraocular lymphoma

    Apr 11 2022 by Aniruddha K Agarwal, MD

    A 65-year-old male underlying nasopharyngeal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma presented with pseudo-hypopyon and infiltration of iris from tumor on his right eye. Aqueous tap showed atypical lymphocytes.

    Photographer: Kessara Pathanapitoon MD, PhD Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Condition/keywords: lymphoma, masquerade syndrome, secondary iridocyclitis (noninfectious)

  • Macular Hemorrhage Secondary to Anemic Retinopathy

    Apr 18 2022 by Deepak Bhojwani, MS

    Fundus image of a young 28 year old patient who has been diagnosed as 'PRIMARY BONE MARROW APLASIA' by hematologist showing large macular hemorrhage (sub -ILM Heme mound). Few Roth spots were also seen in midperiphery suggesting 'ANEMIC RETINOPATHY'.

    Photographer: DEEPAK BHOJWANI

    Condition/keywords: anaemic retinopathy, BONE MARROW APLASIA

  • Thioridazine-toxicity

    Apr 30 2022 by Niloofar Piri, MD

    61 yo male with PMH of longstanding schizophrenia since 20s with secondary intellectual disability presented with decreased vision following a recent stroke. He was found to have bilateral chorio-retinal atrophy involving posterior pole with scalloped edges and coin shaped atrophic area at margins extending into mid-periphery, diagnosis most concerning for intermediate stage thioridazine toxicity given the history. Mother could find handwritten prescriptions from 1990s when he was on Thioridazine 800 mg daily for unknown period of time. Patient had better vision in the left eye which was affected by recent stroke and prompted him to seek medical care. Fundus photograph of the right eye is demonstrated here.

    Photographer: Jacob Grodsky, MD

    Condition/keywords: drug toxicity, thioridazine toxicity, toxic retinopathy