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  • Cat Scratch Disease

    Mar 29 2021 by Gabriel Costa de Andrade, M.D.

    Fundus photograph of an 36-year-old woman with a macular vasculitis, pre retinal hemorrhage and exudation due to Bartonella henselae infection.

    Photographer: Gabriel Andrade

    Condition/keywords: cat scratch retinitis

  • Diabetic Retinopathy Treated with PRP Laser

    Jun 8 2021 by Ronald Coriasso

    Diabetic retina treated with complete 360 PRP laser, taken during fluorescein angiogram.

    Photographer: Ronald Coriasso

    Imaging device: OPTOS

    Condition/keywords: pan-retinal photocoagulation (PRP)

  • Choroidal Hemangioma

    Mar 27 2021 by Paulo Horizonte

    Fundus retinography of a 36-year-old man complaining of low progressive visual acuity in the left eye 2 years ago.

    Photographer: Jeferson Sousa

    Imaging device: Topcon

    Condition/keywords: choroidal hemangioma

  • RPE Tear After Anti-VEGF Injection

    Mar 17 2021 by Rafael Reis Pereira, MD

    Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) tear is a rare devastating complication of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The believed mechanism lies in an adherence of the neovascularization to the undersurface of the RPE creating a contractile force that increases after VEGF therapy and causes the tear.

    Photographer: Rafael Reis, Retina Clinic, São Paulo

    Condition/keywords: retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) contracture

  • Racemose Hemangioma

    Mar 14 2021 by Luiz A Zago, PhD

    Racemose hemangioma in a 30-year-old woman with ambliopia in this eye.

    Photographer: Luiz Alberto Zago Filho

    Imaging device: Topcon 50IX

    Condition/keywords: racemose hemangioma

  • Bear Tracks

    May 14 2021 by Ronald Coriasso

    Bear tracks

    Photographer: Ronald Coriasso, Retina Specialist of Michigan

    Condition/keywords: bear tracks

  • Vitreous Cyst

    Apr 29 2021 by William G. Campbell, MD

    Left wide-field fundus photograph of a 50-year-old male with normal visual acuity, but who has always been aware of a clear round circle in his vision.

    Photographer: Marina Pascoe, Melbourne Retina Associates, Victoria, Australia

    Condition/keywords: congenital anomaly

  • Retinoblastoma

    Apr 23 2021 by Giselle DeOliveira

    5 week old baby girl born with retinoblastoma.

    Photographer: Giselle DeOliveira, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami ,Fl

    Imaging device: Retcam

    Condition/keywords: retinoblastoma

  • Serous Retinal Detachment in Vogt Koyanagi Harada Patient

    Apr 26 2021 by Pablo Enrique Baquero Ospina, MD

    24-year-old woman with bilateral panuveitis and serous retinal detachment, headache and tinnitus.

    Photographer: Pablo Baquero-Ospina, Asociación Para Evitar la Ceguera en México

    Imaging device: Heidelberg Spectralis

    Condition/keywords: serous retinal detachment, Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada

  • Attached Retina in a Silicon Oil Filled Buckled Eye with Retinectomy

    Apr 17 2021 by Navneet Mehrotra, DNB

    Fundus photograph of a 12-year-old boy operated for re retinal detachment with PVR showing attached retina with fresh and old laser marks, silicon oil filled and relaxing retinectomy.

    Photographer: Dr Nivesh Gupta, Retina Foundation

    Imaging device: Nidek mirante

    Condition/keywords: proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), retinal detachment, retinectomy, scleral buckle

  • Familial Exudative Vitreoretinopathy (FEVR)

    Apr 24 2021 by Alexandre Grandinetti, MD, PhD

    6-year-old girl with retinal folds on both eyes secondary to FEVR.

    Photographer: Corina Szrek

    Imaging device: Optos California

    Condition/keywords: familial exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR)

  • Giant Tear and Vitreous Abnormalities in Stickler Syndrome

    Feb 12 2021 by Anfisa Ayalon

    Fundus photograph of a 16-year-old male with Stickler Syndrome and giant tear rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Note multiple vitreous veils and bands.

    Photographer: Anfisa Ayalon, MD., Meir Medical Center, Kfar Saba, Israel.

    Imaging device: California, Optos

    Condition/keywords: empty vitreous, giant retinal tear, Stickler Syndrome, vitreous veils

  • Sickle Cell Retinopathy

    Feb 15 2021 by Kim Barrett

    24-year-old female with Sickle Cell Retinopathy, stage 3. She confirms she has the trait as well as her grandmother, mother and a sibling. She has seafan neovascularization superotemporal OD. Current VA is 20/20. Photo is pre-PRP laser with areas of non-profusion temporally.

    Photographer: Kim Barrett C.O.A. Retina Specialist of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI

    Imaging device: Optos California

    Condition/keywords: neovascularization (NV), pan-retinal photocoagulation (PRP), sickle cell retinopathy, stage 3, trait

  • Puzzle Retinitis

    Jan 20 2021 by Jamin S. Brown, MD

    Puzzle artifact after imaging on a smaller field of view with blue light autofluorescence.

    Photographer: Stefanie Palmer CRA, Retina Vitreous Surgeons of CNY

    Condition/keywords: autofluorescence imaging, normal eye

  • Coats' Disease Montage

    Feb 5 2021 by Akansha Sharma

    Fundus photograph of a 5-year-old male child who presented with unilateral diminution of vision since one month.

    Photographer: Dr. Nivesh Gupta, M.S., Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad

    Condition/keywords: angiomatosis retinae, Coats' disease, exudative detachment, subretinal exudates

  • Coats' Disease

    Feb 2 2021 by Niloofar Piri, MD

    #2 Fluorescein angiography of the same patient in lamellar arteriovenous phase, demonstrating temporal peripheral telangiectatic vessels, as well as hyperfluorescent aneurysma lesions. Note the anterior capillary non perfusion. Posterior hypofluorescence is secondary to blocking effect from hard exudates.

    Condition/keywords: Coats' disease, Leber's miliary aneurysm

  • Lipemia Retinalis

    Feb 10 2021 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    Right eye fundus picture of 35-year-old young male came for routine check up, showed lipemia retinalis. Blood triglyceride level was 535 mg/dL.

    Photographer: Krishnendu Nandi, Netralayam Eye Care Centre, Kolkata, India

    Condition/keywords: lipemia retinalis

  • Optic Nerve Avulsion with Vitreous Hemorrhage and Pale Retina

    Jan 25 2021 by Sham Talati, DOMS

    A 30-year-old male presented with history of trauma to RE with NO Perception of light in the affected eye.

    Photographer: Dr. Sham Talati,Retina Foundation,Ahmedabad

    Imaging device: Nidek Mirante

    Condition/keywords: optic nerve, pale retina

  • Relentless Placoid Chorioretinitis

    Jan 22 2021 by Renata Garcia Franco, Md

    20-year-old male with reduction of vision in both eyes, scotoma and metamorphopsia. Widespread multiple chorioretinal lesions with RPE hyperplasia, which appear from posterior pole to peripheral retina.

    Photographer: Fatima Hernandez, Instituto de la Retina del Bajio SC

    Imaging device: Zeiss

    Condition/keywords: chorioretinitis

  • Optic Nerve Pit Right Eye

    Feb 15 2021 by Kim Barrett

    A 14-year-old male presented with vision loss and VF defect. Patient was treated for presumed amblyopia with patching since age 4. He has had neurologic care for post traumatic skull fracture and brain bleed in 2012. IOP's WNL. OD is without retinoschisis or subretinal fluid. Patient is at risk of serous detachment. Current VA OD 20/200+1 PH 20/80.

    Photographer: Kim Barrett C.O.A. Retina Specialist of Michigan, Grand Rapids, MI

    Imaging device: Optos California

    Condition/keywords: amblyopia, hemifield, Humphrey visual field, nerve, optic nerve pit, visual field defect

  • Lupus Retinopathy

    Mar 14 2021 by Marco Antonio Sauza

    Fluorescein angiography photo of and 13-year-old female with ischemic retinopathy with LES.

    Photographer: Marco Sauza

    Imaging device: Zeiss fundus camera

    Condition/keywords: systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) retinopathy

  • Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment

    Mar 3 2021 by Patrik Rajs

    A 51-year-old female patient presented with inferior nasal scotoma and 5/10 vision in the right eye due to a retinal detachment with a giant retinal horseshoe tear.

    Photographer: Patrik Rajs, EYE CLINIC of Jan Evangelista Purkyne University and Masaryk Hospital, Czech Republic, Ústí nad Labem

    Imaging device: Clarus 700

    Condition/keywords: giant retinal tear, horseshoe tear, retinal detachment

  • Traumatic Lens Drop in Vitreous

    Dec 15 2020 by Manish Nagpal, MD, FRCS (UK) ,FASRS

    Patient had come to us status post blunt trauma with the lens dislocated in inferior vitreous.

    Photographer: Gayathri Mohan, Retina Fellow, Retina Foundation, Ahmedabad, India

    Imaging device: Mirante CSLO

    Condition/keywords: dropped nucleus, lens dislocation, traumatic cataract

  • Central Retinal Vein Occlusion with Cilioretinal Artery Occlusion

    Oct 21 2020 by Rutul R Patel, MD Ophthalmology

    Fundus photograph of left eye of 37-year-old female who presented with sudden painless loss of vision in left eye due to CRVOwith CLRAO.

    Photographer: Vidhi Bavishi, Shivjyoti Eye Hospital

    Imaging device: TOPCON MAESTRO

    Condition/keywords: central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO), cilioretinal artery occlusion

  • Bear Tracks

    Nov 10 2020 by Ronald Coriasso

    Fundus photo of 68-year-old female with history of plaquenil use. Her findings are most consistent with bear tracks, however these kinds of lesions can be indicative of familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).

    Photographer: Ronald Coriasso

    Imaging device: OPTOS

    Condition/keywords: bear tracks, familial adenomatous polyposis