Choroidal Melanoma with Extraocular Extension

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    • By McGill University Health Centre
      The MUHC-McGill University
      Co-author(s): Sabrina Bergeron, P. Zoroquiain, E. Esposito, S. Corredor Casas, P. Logan, A. N. Odashiro, Miguel N. Burnier, Paulina García de Alba Graue, McGill University Health Center-McGill University Ocular Pathology & Translational Research Laboratory
    • Uploaded on May 18, 2020.
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    Choroidal Melanoma
    choroidal melanoma, extraocular extension
    Choroidal melanoma is often asymptomatic and diagnosis is incidental. The tumors may grow beneath the retina, or may break through the Bruch membrane and disrupt the retina. Tumors breaking through the Bruch membrane and disrupting the retina have a characteristic “mushroom” shape. The diffuse melanoma seen in this enucleation specimen is infiltrating the choroid. Extensive areas of necrosis and hemorrhage are present (arrowhead). The extraocular involvement is large and surrounded by hemorrhage (*). The retina is folded (arrow).

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