Macula Off Retinal Detachment


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    1. Manish Nagpal, MD, FRCS (UK), FASRS (July 18 2023)

      wonderful image

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    • By Zach Seim
      Retina Specialists of Michigan
      Co-author(s): Edward Korot, MD
    • Uploaded on Mar 22, 2023.
    • Last modified by Joshua Friedman on Sep 7, 2023.
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    retinal detachment, macula off retinal detachment, left eye, OPTOS CALIFORNIA, ultra-widefield image, scanning laser ophthalmoscope
    Zach Seim
    Imaging device
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
    Optos California
    An ultra-widefield fundus image of a 65 year old male with a Macula Off Retinal Detachment. Patient's vision at the time of the image was CF at 6 Feet and surgical options were discussed. Fluid-gas exchange was performed without complications.

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