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  • Stargardt's Disease

    Oct 4 2018 by Aditya S Kelkar, MS;FRCS;FACS

    Auto-fluorescence image of a 19-year-old male showing flecks of both increased and decreased autofluorescence and reduced central macular autofluorescence surrounded by an increased signal.

    Photographer: Dr. Aanchal Agarwal

    Condition/keywords: Stargardt's disease

  • Chronic Multifocal Central Serous Chorio-Retinopathy

    Jan 30 2019 by Aditya S Kelkar, MS;FRCS;FACS

    A 47-year-old male presented with left eye diminision of vision since 2 months. Left eye fundus autofluorescence image shows multiple hypofluorescent areas with numerous discrete small hyperfluroscent dots suggestive of inactive chronic multifocal central serous chorio-retinopathy.

    Photographer: Dr. Abhishek Pandit

    Condition/keywords: autofluorescence imaging, multifocal central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR)