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  • Silicone Droplets After Avastin Injection

    Jan 25 2017 by Kamal Kishore, MD, MBBS

    A 74-year-old female complained of seeing a round shadow at the bottom of her field of vision starting soon after intravitreal bevacizumab injection for neovascular macular degeneration. Fundus photograph showed a silicone oil droplet at the top of the photograph (arrow). Bevacizumab was prepared by a compounding pharmacy and was shipped in a BD insulin syringe with an attached 31-g needle. She had previously received 19 intravitreal avastin injections over the past two years without any problems.

    Photographer: Brian Chenoweth, CRA, Illinois Retina and Eye Associates

    Condition/keywords: silicone oil

  • Retinal Detachment With Multiple Retinal Tears

    May 18 2017 by Kamal Kishore, MD, MBBS

    77-year-old female presented with a report of gradual decreased vision over the span of one week. Vision finger count. Examination showed retinal detachment with multiple retinal tears and vitreous hemorrhage present.

    Photographer: Lindsay Shepard, Illinois Retina and Eye Associates, Peru, IL

    Imaging device: Topcon TRC- 50 EX

    Condition/keywords: retinal detachment, retinal tear

  • Chronic Uveitis From a Sulcus-Fixated One-Piece Acrylic IOL

    Jan 16 2019 by Kamal Kishore, MD, MBBS

    A 58-year-old female presented with chronic uveitis due to inadvertent placement of temporal haptics of a one-piece acrylic lens (Restor, Alcon) in the sulcus. Extensive loss of iris pigment causing transillumination defect and visibility of the offending haptic are evident in this photograph.

    Photographer: Kamal Kishore, MD, Illinois Retina and Eye Associates, Peoria, IL

    Imaging device: Google Pixel Smartphone during slit lamp biomicroscopy

    Condition/keywords: chronic uveitis, intraocular lens (IOL)

  • Chronic Retinal Detachment in a Young Myopic Patient

    Nov 6 2019 by Kamal Kishore, MD, MBBS

    Chronic retinal detachment in a 27-year-old myopic female showing spontaneous reattachment in inferotemporal quadrant, and demarcation line and subretinal gliosis in superotemporal quadrant.

    Photographer: Stephanie Shaver

    Imaging device: Topcon 50 EX with OIS Winstation

    Condition/keywords: chronic retinal detachment, high myopia