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  • RAM With Garland of Hard Exudate

    Mar 3 2020 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    Fundus Photo of left eye of 75-year-old female with retinal artery macroaneurysm at superior quadrant with garland like hard exudates.

    Photographer: KRISHNENDU NANDI

    Imaging device: Topcon

    Condition/keywords: hard exudates, retinal arterial macroaneurysm

  • Fibrin Dipping Sign in OCT in Smokestack CSCR Leak

    Aug 27 2020 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    Image of a 42-year-old male showing smokestack CSCR leak in DFA with subretinal fibrin generates a dipping morphological pattern on OCT.

    Photographer: Dr. Krishnendu Nandi

    Condition/keywords: central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR), fibrin

  • Coats' Disease

    Oct 31 2020 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    Fundus image of Right eye of a 12-year-old boy presented with dimness of vision for 6 months. Image showed lot exudation along the telengiectatic vessels at periphery. Cystoid macular edema also noted.

    Photographer: Krishnendu Nandi, Netralayam Eye Hospital, Kolkata, India

    Condition/keywords: Coats' disease, retinal telangiectasia


    Nov 5 2020 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    A 26-year-old male with typhoid fever presented with ST BRAO in left eye.

    Photographer: Krishnendu Nandi

    Condition/keywords: branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO), typhoid fever

  • Bietti's Crystalline Dystrophy with CNVM

    Dec 14 2020 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    Fundus picture of right eye of 29-year-old female with Bietti's crystalline dystrophy with CNVM.

    Photographer: Krishnendu Nandi, B B Eye Foundation VIP, Kolkata, India

    Condition/keywords: Bietti's crystalline dystrophy, choroidal neovascular membrane (CNVM)

  • Spontaneously Attached Retina

    Jan 15 2021 by KRISHNENDU NANDI, MS

    Fundus photograph of 26-year-old man with BCVA 6/60, N24, showed spontaneous retinal reattachment with multiple retinal cyst at temporal quadrant. Subretinal gliosis resemble a mustache.

    Photographer: Krishnendu Nandi, Netralayam Eye Care Centre

    Condition/keywords: spontaneous retinal reattachment