Perforating Ocular Trauma and Choroidal Rupture due to Shotgun Pellet

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    • By Franco Benvenuto, MD
      Hospital Civil de Guadalajara, México and Hospital J.P. Garrahan, Argentina
      Co-author(s): Sofía Diaz-Infante, Universidad de Guadalajara, México; Hugo Lenin Gómez-Angulo, Universidad de Guadalajara, México.
    • Uploaded on Mar 31, 2022.
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    penetrating trauma, shotgun, choroidal rupture
    Franco Benvenuto, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. Universidad de Guadalajara, México.
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Fundus photograph of a 17-year-old with shotgun injuries with numerous metal pellets in the chest, neck, brain, and face. Fundus exploration showed the left globe with posterior-inferior eye rupture, vitreous hemorrhages and choroidal rupture.

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