Chronic Retinal Detachment after Pneumatic Retinopexy

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    pneumatic retinopexy, chronic retinal detachment
    This is a fundus photo in the eye of a young phakic patent who presented with a 6 month history of "difficulty seeing at night" and subjective nasal "blurriness" in the left eye. There was a chronic temporal RD, OS, extending to the arcades (Mac on). This photo is week 1 s/p Pneumatic retinopexy with SF6 gas and laser retinopexy to temporal breaks (6 holes, lattice); no PVD. As you can see, there is a "bleb" of viscous schlieren given the chronic nature of this RD that persist posterior to the breaks and temporal to the macula. This type of sub retinal fluid may take months to years to resorb.

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