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    1. Michael P. Kelly, FOPS (September 30 2012)

      Thanks for the comments. Paula is right on as always. Additionally, this is a film angiogram that I scanned to electronic form for posting here and that may also have affected the final appearance. Thanks to you both.

    2. Paula Morris, CRA, FOPS (September 28 2012)

      This is an early arterio-venous circulation phase image when the dye is highly concentrated in the vessels which would account for the bright exposure. Lovely image with excellent focus and great detail.

    3. Judy E. Kim, MD, FARVO, FASRS (September 27 2012)

      Beautiful image of choroideremia, nicely demonstrating the choroidal vessels. A bit over exposed?

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    Michael P. Kelly, FOPS Director, Duke Eye Labs, Duke University Hospital, Duke Eye Center, Durham, NC
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Canon 60UV
    This is a 60 degree fluorescein angiogram image of choroideremia.

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