Total RRD with GRT with Choroidal Detachment

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    • By Dinesh Rungta, MBBS, DNB
      Co-author(s): Dr Giridhar Anantharaman , Giridhar Eye Institute, Kerala, India , Dr Mahesh Gopalakrishnan , Giridhar Eye Institute, Kerala, India, Dr Shivam Madan , Giridhar Eye Institute, Kerala, India
    • Uploaded on Apr 11, 2021.
    • Last modified by Jennifer Carstens on Nov 19, 2021.
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    Bilateral Macular Colobomata With Temporal Dragging of Optic Disc
    re-attached retinal detachment (RRD), giant retinal tear, detachment
    Dr Dinesh Rungta, Giridhar Eye Institute, Kerala, India.
    Imaging device
    Optos UWF Daytona Plus
    Optos image of a 55-year-old male with history of sudden decrease of vision in right eye associated with flashes showing total RRD with GRT and CD.

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