Optic Nerve Avulsion with Vitreous Hemorrhage and Pale Retina

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    1. Asdrubal Moreno (June 27 2021)

      Marvelous yet sad image. Congratulations.

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    • By Sham Talati, DOMS
      Dr. Nagpal's Retina Foundation
      Co-author(s): Dr. Manish Nagpal, Dr. Navneet Mehrotra-Retina foundation,Ahmedabad
    • Uploaded on Jan 25, 2021.
    • Last modified by Caroline Bozell on Jun 18, 2021.
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    optic nerve, pale retina
    Dr. Sham Talati,Retina Foundation,Ahmedabad
    Imaging device
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
    Nidek Mirante
    A 30-year-old male presented with history of trauma to RE with NO Perception of light in the affected eye.

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