Multiple Branch Retinal Artery Occlusions

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    • By Olivia Rainey
      Retina Specialists of Michigan
      Co-author(s): Jeannine O'Donnell and Gregory Bever, MD
    • Uploaded on Jan 14, 2021.
    • Last modified by Olivia Rainey on Jan 29, 2021.
    Appears in
    branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO), Optos, ultra-wide field imaging, fluorescein angiogram (FA), non-perfusion
    Olivia Rainey, OCT-C, COA
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Optos California
    Ultra-widefield fluorescein angiogram of a 54-year-old male with multiple branch retinal artery occlusions affecting his right eye. In October 2020, the patient reported a 5 min episode of half of vision OD going black then returning. Then on 1/2/21 he noted superior half of vision going black OD then went urgently to the hospital. He was given tPA in hospital and was admitted for 1 day and had MRI brain, which showed a few lesion in the brain. He has had carotid stent placed on left side and reports right side carotid 100% blocked based on prior imaging. There were intra-arteriolar plaques appreciated on exam and FA and no neovascularization.

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