Vascular Primary Vitreous

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    hyaloid artery, vitreous
    The hyaloid artery (“3”, left) feeds the vasa hyaloidea propria (“2”, left) which anastomosis with the tunica vasculosa lentis (“1”, left). The histologic section to the right is stained with H & E (bar = 100 uM) [Left: from Yee at al.: Vitreous cytokines and regression of the fetal hyaloid vasculature. In: Vitreous – in Health & Disease. Springer, New York, 2014; pg. 42 (image © Springer Nature, reprinted with permission) Right: from Sebag J: Vitreous and vitreo-retinal interface. In: Ryan’s Retina 6th edition (A. Schachat, ed.) Elsevier, 2018; pg. 546.

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