Congenital Hypertrophy of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium Autofluorescence Optomap

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    • By Sophia El Hamichi, MD
      Murray Ocular Oncology and Retina
      Co-author(s): Timothy G Murray, MD, Murray Ocular Oncology and Retina; Audina M Berrocal, MD, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
    • Uploaded on Sep 24, 2019.
    • Last modified by Sophia El Hamichi, MD on Oct 8, 2019.
    Appears in
    Retina and Choroid
    congenital hypertrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium (CHRPE), white without pressure, autofluorescence imaging, ultra-wide field imaging, Optomap
    Sophia El Hamichi, MD, Murray Ocular Oncology and Retina, Miami
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    A 52-year-old female followed for 2 temporal lesions of CHRPE OD and white without pressure.

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