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    Unit 08 Pathology of the Vitreous
    lattice degeneration, nodular proliferations, sclerotic vessels, retinal pigment epithelium, endothelial, intramural pericytes
    Radial perivascular lattice retinal degeneration. Lower left view shows abrupt transition of the normal capillary bed (left) and a sclerotic occluded capillary bed in the area of the lattice (right). Lower right view, under higher magnification, shows the loss of intramural pericytes and endothelial cells in the capillary bed of the area of lattice degeneration. Clumps of hyperplastic and migrated retinal pigment epithelium with nodular proliferations of basement membrane (arrow) are adherent to the sclerotic vessels. (E.P. No. 31493)

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