Varix of Vortex Vein - Optos Photo - Holding Superonasal Gaze


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    Varix of Vortex Vein simulating an elevated pigmented choroidal lesion
    vortex vein, vortex vein varix
    Karin Aletter
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Optos California
    69-year-old white female found to have a "supero-nasal darkened elevation" in the left eye, during cataract evaluation. Patient was referred to Dr. Hruby, who confirmed that the elevation was a varix of the vortex vein; photos were obtained and thought to be good to put on Retina Image Bank. On the optos camera, the area of elevation was not seen in primary gaze. This is a picture of patient holding a gaze up and nasal. Varix seen supero-nasal.

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