Unilateral PIC Following Recent Influenza Vaccine

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    Unilateral PIC following influenza vaccine
    punctate inner choroidopathy (PIC), white dot syndrome
    Kay Dalby
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Topcon 50
    42-year-old African American female with high myopia and type 2 diabetes, presented to her eye doctor with distortion in the right eye "that looked like seeing through a Coke bottle." She denied any photopsias or other symptoms. She received an influenza vaccine two weeks before onset of metamorphopsia. I saw her about a month after symptoms began. Va cc 20/30 OD J1 (20/15 J1+ OS); a/c and vitreous without cell or flare. Posterior pole OD showed yellowish, rounded small to medium RPE pigment alterations without heme or exudes (OS U/R). FA showed early focal areas of hyperfluorescence that stained in the later frames without CNVM or CME; rare MA inferiorly. The OCT showed some focal PEDs with some possible overlying SRHRM. We discussed options and decided to try a medrol dose pack. A few weeks later she was 20/20 J1, with minimal to no symptoms; OCT shows near total resolution of PEDs.

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