Optos Picture With Speculum: Dislocated Natural Lens

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    dislocated crystalline lens, staphyloma, pathologic myopia, scleral buckle
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Optos California
    55-year-old white female with history of pathologic myopia+, lattice (laser), SB OU (1990s), and dislocated natural lenses OU that had been watched for years. In the fellow eye she developed phacolytic glaucoma and a PPV, PPL was performed. Plan for both eyes are monitoring. I wanted to get a good picture of her lens today with the optos machine, as the other pics had artifact from the lower lid. It worked out well to use a speculum in the left eye. Vision cc is 20/400 J1+ OD and 20/40 J2 OS; aphakic OU; vitreous clear OD; dislocated lens OS (see pic); retinas attached.

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