Intravitreal Cysticercosis With Full Thickness Macular Hole


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    1. Vishal Agrawal, MD, FRCS,FACS,FASRS (June 11 2018)

      Thank you very much .

    2. Suber S. Huang, MD, MBA, FASRS (June 7 2018)

      Full marks. Thank you for sharing this spectacular image!

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    cysticercosis, full thickness macular hole
    Vishal Agrawal MD,FRCS
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Zeiss 524
    Fundus montage picture of a 40-year-old man presenting with decreased vision in the right eye for the past 2 months. Live intravitreal cysticercosis can be seen lying on the retina. Zooming the image reveals the full thickness macular hole. The scolex invaginates with the light of the camera causing double image of the cyst because of movement .

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