Lattice Lesion


File number: 2011


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    pigmented lesion, lattice lesion, subretinal fluid, lattice degeneration, reddish crater, retinal hole, yellow exudate, retinal detachment
    This is a photograph of a lattice lesion in a 23-year-old girl taken without scleral indentation. Just to the left of the center of the slide is a slightly pigmented lesion almost oval in shape with a retinal hole in each end. Ten years earlier at the age of 13 this lesion appeared exactly like the one in the previous case as a pure red crater. Five years later two new round retinal holes were seen, one in each end, with a tiny bit of subretinal fluid within the lattice lesion only. Five years later still the appearance was as shown in this slide pair with the subretinal fluid now extending slightly beyond the lattice lesion as far as the curved row of tiny yellow exudates seen just to the right of the center of the slide. It is now actually a small subclinical retinal detachment. The next slide pair will show this better using scleral indentation.

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