Lattice Degeneration


File number: 2001


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    lattice degeneration, tapering blood columns, white lattice lines, moderate snail track, atrophic retinal hole, white sheath vessel
    This is a more typical classical example of lattice degeneration in a 42-year-old woman in a photograph taken without scleral indentation. It shows much more marked vascular changes than the previous case. Note the tapering of the blood columns as the vessels approach the lesion and also the white sheathing of the vessel walls. Note also the continuity of the blood vessels on opposite sides of the lesion with the characteristic white lattice lines. More than 45 years ago Vogt pointed this out as a proof that these white lines were actually caused by changed blood vessels. Note also that this lesion shows a combination of several individual features of lattice degeneration. In addition to the white lines, there is a reddish crater-like area beneath the main horizontal white line. There is a prominent horizontal zone below this white line showing a snailtrack appearance. Also, there are two tiny atrophic retinal holes outside the photograph on the right end of this lesion. This eye contained five such retinal holes and they have all remained unchanged for more than 10 years of observation without treatment.

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