Lattice Degeneration


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    • By Norman Byer
      From Dr. Norman E. Byer’s “The Peripheral Retina in Profile”
    • Uploaded on Nov 9, 2012.
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    lattice degeneration
    This is a very subtle example of lattice degeneration showing the mildest possible changes in a 27-year-old man. In the upper left there is a vein directed toward the center of the slide. Just above and to the right of the pigment spot it veers to the right and then abruptly disappears as it passes through the lattice lesion. As it leaves the lesion, it resumes its normal appearance going down to the right. In a similar manner, the arteriole in the lower left enters the lesion just to the right of the pigment spot, then disappears as it passes through the lesion and reappears later as it emerges. The only change in this lesion in 12 years was the appearance of the pigment spot.

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