Vitreous Hemorrhage


File number: 1999


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    vitreous hemorrhage, horseshoe tear, acute posterior vitreous detachment, trophic pigmented changes, irregularly shaped flap, vitreous traction, white retinal tuft
    This 60-year-old man suddenly developed a vitreous hemorrhage from this acute horseshoe tear 3½ years following cataract extraction when a posterior vitreous detachment occurred. The white nubbin identifies this lesion as a preexisting cystic retinal tuft. The pigment spot beneath the flap is evidence of secondary trophic changes in the pigment epithelium. Note the irregular shape of the flap with the narrow tip and broad base. This was caused by vitreous traction which was exerted at two separate points on the retina and which tore the retina at each place.

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