Neovascularization in Posterior Uveitis


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    • By Zach Seim
      Retina Specialists of Michigan
      Co-author(s): Edward Korot, MD
    • Uploaded on Jul 27, 2023.
    • Last modified by Joshua Friedman on Jul 29, 2023.
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    FLUORESCEIN ANGIOGRAPHY, Optos, OPTOS CALIFORNIA, right eye, neovascularization (NV), posterior uveitis, ultra-wide field imaging, ultra-widefield image, fluorescein leakage, fluorescein angiogram (FA)
    Zach Seim
    Imaging device
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
    OPTOS California
    An ultra-widefield fluorescein angiogram of a 72 year old male with Posterior Uveitis and Neovascularization affecting the right eye. Patient's vision at the time of the image was Dcc 20/25. Dr. Korot states that the fluorescein angiogram shows patchy leakage throughout both eyes, with peripheral nonperfusion and secondary neovascularization. The patient was asked to get an extensive serological workup in an effort to identify any systemic autoimmune or infectious etiology as the cause for their severe inflammation.

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