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  • Broken Posterior Synechia in Eye

    Oct 11 2012 by Jeffrey G. Gross, MD

    Broken posterior synechia, in eye, with HLA B27 iritis.

    Condition/keywords: HLA-B27, posterior synechiae

  • Iritis With Breaking Posterior Synechiae

    Jul 4 2013 by Nathan E. Podoll

    Iritis with breaking posterior synechiae.

    Photographer: Nathan E. Podoll, M.D., University of Louisville

    Condition/keywords: acute anterior uveitis, posterior synechiae

  • pupillary block; periph uveitis

    Feb 14 2013 by From the Collections of Thomas M. Aaberg, MD and Thomas M. Aaberg Jr., MD

    diffuse and slit-beam anterior segment photographs showing pupillary-block angle closure associated with uveitis. pupillary block; angle closure; uveitis; posterior synechiae

    Condition/keywords: angle closure, posterior synechiae, pupillary block, uveitis

  • Slide 2-16

    Feb 19 2019 by Lancaster Course in Ophthalmology

    Organization of fibrinous exudate from iris, causing posterior synechiae and pupillary membrane.

    Condition/keywords: fibrinous exudate, membranes, posterior synechiae

  • Toxoplasmosis Uveitis with Mutton Fat KP and Broken Posterior Synechia

    Oct 10 2012 by Jeffrey G. Gross, MD

    Toxooplasmosis uveitis with mutton fat KP and broken posterior synechia.

    Condition/keywords: mutton-fat keratic precipitates (KP), posterior synechiae, toxoplasmosis uveitis

  • Disseminated Chorioretinitis With Unknown Etiology

    Apr 5 2018 by Kim Barrett

    Ultra-wide field fluorescein angiogram of a 31-year-old female with intermittent pain in her left eye. Her condition has been managed in Liberia until recently when she moved to the United States. She suffers from multiple modalities including central retinal artery occlusion, posterior synechiae of the iris, interstitial keratitis, disseminated chorioretinitis, as well as HIV. An infectious cause is high on the differential in light of her HIV status. DDx: hypertensive crisis, an embolism (? IV drug use), coagulopathy, trauma, infectious. Blood work was normal. Her current vision is 20/30 right eye and 20/400 left eye.

    Photographer: Kim Barrett, COA

    Imaging device: Optos

    Condition/keywords: central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO), chorioretinal scar, ciliary artery sparring, disseminated chorioretinitis, HIV, left eye, optic atrophy, staining