Sandra R Montezuma, MD » 9-Feb-2024

  • Left Eye Arteriovenous Malformation, Vein Occlusion and Ruptured Macroaneurysm

    Feb 9 2024 by Sandra R Montezuma, MD

    47 year old female presented with acute changes in vision in the left eye, flashes of light and a new supero temporal scotoma. No history of trauma.  She has history of retina bleeding in 1998 when she was pregnant and had pre-eclampsia.  She was told had a retina scar. Her VA was 20/500. Fundus exam revealed an arteriovenous malformation along inferonasal vessels with prominent tortuous vessels. The optic nerve was hyperemic and there was peripapillary pre-retinal hemorrhage. There is a central macula scar and retina hemorrhage in the macula and mid periphery. In the nasal mid periphery, there is a ruptured macroaneurysm with hemorrhage in all layers of the retina. There are diffuse IRH. Her OCT revealed abnormal foveal contour with intraretinal fluid, Outer retinal atrophy and increased hyperreflectivity of the inner retina layers. The patient was treated with avastin injections with some improvement of the vision and resolution of the intraretinal fluid. Her MRI was normal.

    Photographer: University of Minnnesota

    Condition/keywords: arteriovenous malformation, macroaneurysm, vein occlusion