Macular Hole


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    1. Jeffrey G. Gross, MD, FASRS (October 1 2012)

      Pauline, this is an old slide from my collection. I do not remember the exact circumstances however there was a time when laser to the cuff of the hole was published, ( 1987) before we did macular hole PPV, to attempt to reduce the fluid cuff( usually less laser than this). This may also have been a case that had vitrectomy for recurrent RD with a macular hole.

    2. Pauline T. Merrill, MD, FASRS (September 27 2012)

      Interesting - why laser? Did the patient have a vitrectomy as well?

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    Macular Hole
    macular hole, subretinal fluid
    Macular hole s/p 360 degree laser to fluid cuff.

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