file Retina Image Bank

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    UZUR, uzurde, UZURDEX INJECTION, Ozurdex implant, ozurdex
    JEFFERSON R SOUSA - Study Center and Ophthalmological Research Dr. Andre M V Gomes, Institute Dr. Suel Abujamra São Paulo-Brazil
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Topcon TRC-50 DX, Imaginet 5.0, angle de 50 graus. Flash 50 / Mosaic with 10 images.
    In this image composition, two different photo planes were used, one with a normal sequence plane with focus on the retina and the other used the parameters of anterior tracking photography of the retinograph lens "A" with a compensation of 3 diopters to bring forward the focus of the image to Ozurdex stick. In order to fully visualize the medication, it is necessary to ask the patient to move his eyes up and down.

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