Fluocinolone Implant


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    1. Pauline T. Merrill, MD, FASRS (September 27 2012)

      Thanks Barbara. Actually no indentation - just well-dilated pupil with patient looking inferotemporally. I simply focused the slit lamp normally, then held the iPhone lens up to the slit lamp ocular for the photo. No vitreous encapsulation - the white fluocinolone pellet is surrounded by the translucent silicone "cup" and PVA suture tab of the Retisert.

    2. Barbara Parolini, MD (September 14 2012)

      Great picture with perfect lights and shadows, especially because taken with an iPhone at the SL with indentation. How was the iPhone connected to the SL? Was the implant "incapsulated" by vitreous?

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    chronic uveitis, birdshot, fluocinolone implant
    Pauline Merrill, MD
    Imaging device
    iPhone photo through slit lamp
    Slit lamp photograph of a Retisert fluocinolone implant in a 52-year-old male with birdshot chorioretinopathy.

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