Extensive Macular Atrophy with Pseudodrusen-Like Appearance

file Retina Image Bank

File number: 68386


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    Appears in
    macular atrophy
    Claudia Farinha
    Imaging device
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
    Optomap ultra-widefield imaging, Optos
    71-year-old male presented with progressive vision loss OD, now reduced to CF, without nyctalopia. The SD-OCT scans are one year apart and show extensive and progressive macular atrophy with marked disruption of the outer retinal layers and slightly larger vertical diameter, plus choroidal thinning. Reticular pseudodrusen-like deposits are heavily present in the posterior pole and are better depicted in the infra-red. The widefield imaging shows extensive paving stone peripheral degeneration. The patient denies any systemic medication or known disease. No family history of similar findings.

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