Carotid Artery Plaque

file Retina Image Bank

File number: 63226


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    carotid artery occlusion
    66-year-old white male, former smoker, with a history of femoral artery stent a plaque removal in 2017, triple bypass 2019 (at that time there was no high grade carotid stenosis), diabetes significant for SNPDR OD and PDR OS (NVD). He underwent PRP OS and two months later developed a vitreous hemorrhage and had a PPV OS. Early in the post-operative period vision dropped to LP due to acute CRAO with retinal embolus present. He was found to have progressed to high grade carotid stenosis (versus imaging 6 months ago) and a left carotid endarterectomy was performed (see picture of the large plaque) .

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