Sympathetic Ophthalmia


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    • By McGill University Health Centre
      The MUHC-McGill University
      Co-author(s): Sabrina Bergeron, P. Zoroquiain, E. Esposito, S. Corredor Casas, P. Logan, A. N. Odashiro, Miguel N. Burnier, Paulina GarcĂ­a de Alba Graue, McGill University Health Center-McGill University Ocular Pathology & Translational Research Laboratory
    • Uploaded on May 18, 2020.
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    Sympathetic Ophthalmia
    sympathetic ophthalmia, enucleation, retinal detachment
    Sympathetic ophthalmia is characterized by bilateral diffuse granulomatous uveitis that occurs 2 weeks to many years after traumatic penetration or perforation of the eye. It threatens the sight of the uninjured (sympathizing) eye. In this enucleation specimen, thickening of the uveal tract is evident (arrows). Complete proteinaceous retinal detachment (*) is also present, along with posterior synechia (adhesion of the iris to the anterior capsule of the lens).

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