FA 5 min - Large Hemorrhage With Macular Detachment Due to AMD

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    subretinal hemorrhage, retinal pigment epithelium, wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD), retinal detachment
    Brandon Peter
    81-year-old white female with three day history of seeing a "dark blob" nasally OD; no blood thinners; vision was 20/100- J16 with 2+NSC OD; OCT (not shown) had large SRF that included the fovea and extended out temporally. Posterior segment showed a large amount of SRF in the macula with some SRH in the inferior portion of the macula, hemorrhagic PEDs temporally with some RPE scarring and SRH in the periphery. On the FA there is blockage by the SRH and SRPE heme; there is staining peripherally; there is a wavbe of leakage that extends out into the macula and pools into to subretinal space.

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