Anemic Retinopathy Related Retinal Hemorrhages


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    anaemic retinopathy
    Dr Chinmayi Vyas, Nethradhama superspeciality eye hospital , banglore, india
    Imaging device
    Scanning laser ophthalmoscope
    Eidon fundus imaging
    Anemic retinopathy related retinal hemorrhages in a 24 years old male with Hb of 4.2gm/ dl. The manifestations of anemic retinopathy are nonspecific and may closely simulate hypertensive or diabetic retina. Retinal changes in anemia are cotton wool spots, venous tortuosity, and hemorrhages which may be present at all levels of the retina and choroid. All retinal hemorrhages can occur when Hb falls below 8 g/100 ml or if the platelet count falls below 50,000/cumm. The combination of severe anemia and thrombocytopenia is likely to produce retinal hemorrhages. The Roth’s spots or white centre hemorrhages are typically associated with bacterial endocarditis , anemia and other systemic conditions. The white center is suspected to represents focal ischemia, inflammatory or infectious infiltrate, fibrin or accumulation of neoplasticism cells.

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