Serpigenous Choroidopathy in a 68-Year-Old Male


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    Serpigenous choroidopathy in a 68 YO M
    serpiginous choroiditis, macula serpiginous choroidopathy
    Galit Yair-Pur
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    A 68-year-old healthy male presented with a few years of decreased vision bilaterally. Visual acuity in OD was 1/36 and in OS 20/40. Anterior segments were normal except for bilateral mild nuclear sclerosis and pseudoexfoliation in OS. In the fundus of OD a large atrophy with pigmentary scars were seen in the macula and nasally to the optic disc while OS presented with the same clinical picture but an island of normal appearing retina was seen in the fovea. On fluorscein angiography no leakage was shown. A diagnosis of Serpigenous choroidopathy was made.

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