Hypertensive Retinopathy


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    1. Hamid Ahmadieh, MD (August 24 2012)

      The capillary changes around the FAZ and also superior,inferior and nasal to disc in addition to the vascular changes on the disc surface may be suggestive of a previous vein occlusion.

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    Headache and Blurred Vision
    hypertensive retinopathy, papilledema, ischemia
    Geoffrey Emerson, MD, PhD, Retina Center, Minneapolis
    A 35-year-old man has headaches and decreased vision. The right eye measures 20/25 and the left eye measures 3/200. The blood pressure measures 180/110.This fluorescein angiogram shows leakage of dye from the optic disc (papilledema), ischemia, and dilated capillaries around the foveal avascular zone

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