Atypical Midperipheral Lesion that Looks Similar to Torpedo Maculopathy

file Retina Image Bank

File number: 30059


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    Appears in
    torpedo maculopathy, lesion
    Shelly Blair
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Optos CA
    14-year-old African American female who is asymptomatic, without any hx/fhx of FAP. One lesion seen in the mid-periphery of the right eye that is oval in shape, and has a "tail" (points to ora), and has the appearance and size of lesions described by Dr. Shields as torpedo maculopathy. I did ask Dr. Carol Shields about the case, and she said it is possible that this is a similar lesion in an odd location and noted that Gass published on one superiorly.

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