Syphilis Neuroretinopathy


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    syphilis, syphilis neuroretinopathy, neurosyphilitic optic atrophy, retinitis pigmentosa, autofluorescence imaging
    JEFFERSON R SOUSA - Study Center and Ophthalmological Research Dr. Andre M V Gomes, Institute Dr. Suel Abujamra São Paulo-Brazil
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Fundus camera Topcon TRC-50 DX, Imaginet 5.0, angle de 50 graus. Flash 100 / Mosaic with 10 images.
    Female patient, 21-years-old, with complaint of low vision in the right eye for 3 years. According to information from the patient's history, at the time she noticed the low vision, it also coincided with a picture of a strong urinary infection as well as episodes of constant tonsillitis. Yes, the patient did not seek medical attention and self-medicated with antibiotics. In ophthalmologic evaluation, as well as examinations of color retinography and ocular fundus autofluorescence, important pigmentary alterations were observed following vascular arches with pigment mobilization in osteoclasts (aspect of a unilateral pigmentary retinitis secondary to the inflammatory process). Which suggested inflammatory process sequelae. Through the laboratory tests, he had positive (+) confirmation for SYPHILIS NEURORETINOPATHY .

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