Central Serous Choroidopathy, CSR, with Foci of Leakage

file Retina Image Bank

File number: 1188


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    Appears in
    central serous retinopathy (CSR)
    James Soque CRA COA
    Imaging device
    Optical coherence tomography system
    Topcon 3D OCT 1000 System
    50 y/o WM with Central Serous Choroidopathy Left eye. VA OS cc 20/80. Topcon 3D 1000 SD OCT composite image reveals Sub RPE detachment in several locations, and subretinal fluid blister. Pin Point Registration shows leakage along horizontal line axis, SR leakage, and RPE detachments OS. Color, Early, and Late phase FA photos enclosed above. FA shows obvious ‘smoke stack’ appearance of leakage in superonasal fovea, and 3 other foci of leakage. 3D 1000 SD OCT with pin point registration image shown.

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