PPV retained cataract


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    • By Denica Rodriguez
      Retina Specialists of Michigan
      Co-author(s): Dr. Nathan F. Pezda, MD
    • Uploaded on Apr 19, 2023.
    • Last modified by Joshua Friedman on Apr 25, 2023.
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    cataract, dropped nucleus, traumatic cataract, ocular trauma, pars plana vitrectomy (PPV), retained lens fragments, fragmatome, retina surgery, Retina, lens capsule
    Denica Rodriguez COA, ST
    Imaging device
    Zeiss Microscope with resight
    A 46-year-old male with hypermature dense cataract. Patient got a piece of metal in his eye when he was 5 years old and was not able to see since. Patient was having cataract surgery and phacodonesis was present. The lens dropped to the back of the eye. Patient had to have another surgery to do vitrectomy. The lens removal was done with a fragmatome handpiece.

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