Terson's Syndrome


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    • By Maurice F. Rabb
      From the collection of Maurice F. Rabb, M.D.
    • Uploaded on Oct 8, 2013.
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    Tersons Syndrome
    Terson's Syndrome
    39 year female with a long history of chronic back pain treated by a sequence of epidural injections. Following her last injection, she complained of a moderately severe protracted headache and had several attempts at placement of an epidural blood patch without success. Under general anesthesia, she underwent injection of a larger volume of saline in an attempt to stem a presumed CSF leak producing "spinal headache". In the left eye she demonstrated multiple superficial and deep intraretinal hemorrhages associated with mild disc swelling and a central scotoma. In the right eye she showed a posterior subhyaloid and sub-internal limiting membrane hemorrhage with buffy coat layering superiorly. The visual acuity measured hand motions OD, 20/200 OS. The patient underwent a surgical evacuation of the sub-ILM hemorrhage.

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