Vitrectomy for Macular Hole

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    vitrectomy, macular hole, hyaloid, staining, ILM, forceps, peeling, video
    This is a case of Macular hole for which vitrectomy is being done. After doing core vitrectomy triamcinolone dye is injected to stain the hyaloid. High aspiration is used on cutter to engage the hyaloid and gradually pull it anteriorly. PVD induction is carried out. After this brilliant blue dye is injected to stain the internal limiting membrane. ILM is peeled using a 25 gauge forceps in a tangential manner. After this i use a instrument called the massager which we have developed to gently and atraumatically massage concentrically the edges of the hole. This releases the subtle contaction on the edges of the hole and relaxes the margins. After this air fluid exchange is carried out followed by low vacuum aspiration over the hole. The hole approximates itself gradually as the aspiration dries up the edges.

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