Vitrectomy for PDR in TRD with Vit haemorrhage

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    vitrectomy, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, PDR, TRD, endolaser, forceps, peeling, diathermy, video
    Vitrectomy for PDR and TRD and Vitreous haemorrhage using Cutter based dissection. The Vitreous haemorrhage is cleared first. A 25 gauge bevelled cutter is used to dissect all the epiretinal proliferations and tractional components. The ports of these cutters can reach very close to the retinal surface and cut flush without causing any iatrogenic damage to the retinal surface. Forceps is also used to gently peel off a adherent proliferation. Bleeders are stopped raising pressure and applying diathermy. Air fluid exchange is done and viscous subretinal fluid drained from a hole adjacent to diathermy superiorly. Once the retina is flattened endolaser is done 360 degree to achieve long term regression.

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