Vitrectomy for Myopic Retinal Detachment with multiple tears status post prophylaxis

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    vitrectomy, retinal detachment, RD, myopia, myopic retinal detachment, lattice degeneration, holes, tear, prophylaxis, endolaser, air fluid exchange, endo drainage, reattachment of retinal detachment, video
    Vitrectomy for Myopic Retinal detachment with multiple tears and lattice degenerations status post prophylaxis laser done | Vitrectomy is carried out. Once the vitreous is removed the retina is freely mobile. After this Perfluorocarbon heavy liquid is injected to flatten the posterior pole and push the fluid to the periphery till the edges of the tear. This is followed by endo drainage from infero nasal tear. Scars of laser marks are seen around it. Once the retina flattened endolaser is carried out.

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