Vitrectomy for Subhyaloid blood over macula in Diabetic retinopathy

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    vitrectomy, subhyaloid blood, subhyaloid haemorrhage, SHH, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular oedema, endolaser, PRP, video
    Manish Nagpal
    Subhyaloid blood over macula in diabetic retinopathy| This is a case of non resolving subhyaloid haemorrhage over macula in a case of diabetic retinopathy.. Vitrectomy is carried out and then using the cutter a opening is made in the hyaloid to give a oulet to the blood. Typically the blood in the subhyaloid plane does not clot and easily aspirates out|. After this endolaser PRP is carried out to achieve good regression of the retinopathy. Air fluid exchange is carried out.

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