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  • Surgical Management of a Symptomatic Full Thickness Macular Fold

    Jul 19 2021 by Anton Orlin, MD

    A balanced salt solution is injected into the subretinal space to focally detach the macula, ensuring that the fold is incorporated, in order to stretch and relax it. This can be done with a 38 or 41 gauge subretinal cannula, and is typically performed just within the macular arcade. Perfluorocarbon heavy liquid (PFCL) is then injected to flatten the macula and push the excess fluid to the periphery. A peripheral retinotomy is made, and the subretinal fluid is subsequently drained with air fluid exchange. The PFCL is removed and endolaser is applied to surround the retinotomy site. The eye was left with a gas tamponade.

    Condition/keywords: macular fold, surgical management, video