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  • Fundus Albipunctatus

    Nov 12 2019 by Sandra R Montezuma, MD

    13-year-old girl with difficulty seeing at night. VA 20/25 OU.

    Photographer: Drew Miller. University of Minnesota

    Imaging device: Topcon camera

    Condition/keywords: fundus albipunctatus

  • Dislocated Iol With Hypotony Maculopathy and Hemorrhagic Choroidal

    Feb 9 2024 by Sandra R Montezuma, MD

    28 year old year-old male with history of congenital cataract of the right eye, s/p cataract extraction in 1999, s/p lens implant in 2011, presented with a dislocated IOL, hypotony, retina folds, hypotony maculopathy and hemorrhagic nasal choroidal after unsuccessful surgery to attempt remove the dislocated lens.

    Photographer: Scott Baker, University of Minnesota

    Condition/keywords: choroidals, dislocated posterior chamber intraocular lens (PCIOL), hypotony maculopathy, retina folds