Partial Optic Disc Avulsion with Optic Disc Pit

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    • By John S. King, MD
      Retina Associates, PA
      Co-author(s): Ahmed A. Sallam, M.D., Ph.D., Harvey and Bernice Jones Eye Institute at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)
    • Uploaded on Jul 1, 2018.
    • Last modified by Caroline Bozell on Jul 5, 2018.
    Appears in
    Optic Disc Avulsion
    optic nerve head avulsion, traumatic optic neuropathy, optic nerve pit, epiretinal membrane (ERM)
    Maisee Yang
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    16-year-old with acute loss of vision after blunt finger injury to eye while playing football. This photo is three weeks post-injury. Vision HM. Retinal striae with subhyaloid heme. Decreased retinal whitening. Peripapillary heme clearing, and temporal optic disc avulsion with optic disc pit can be seen.

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