Horse Shoe Tear

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    1. Purva Patwari (October 22 2017)

      Thank u for your suggestions and appreciation dr subee

    2. Suber S. Huang, MD, MBA (October 13 2017)

      Terrific image, brilliant laser. Consider post-processing to increase contrast to really make this lesions stand out. Well done and thank you!

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    • By Purva Patwari
      Patwari Retina Clinic
      Co-author(s): Ruchi P Tripathi, Optometrist, Ahmedabad
    • Uploaded on Sep 16, 2017.
    • Last modified by Caroline Bozell on Dec 21, 2017.
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    Patwari Retina Clinic
    horseshoe tear
    Dr Purva Patwari,Patwari Retina Center,Ahmedabad,India
    Imaging device
    Fundus camera
    Zeiss Visucam 500
    Asymptomatic horse shoe tear found on preoperative cataract assessment of a 54-year-old male patient. Laser barrage was done and he underwent Phacoemulsification surgery a month later.

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